Leadership In Business – 5 Habits You Need To Practice Daily – Habits 2 and 3

Daily routine and structure are an important step in keeping your business organized, on track and moving forward. We often get caught up in energy burning activities that although important to any business, are not going to make you money. It is essential to implement daily routines and habits that will not only move your business forward, but also leverage your time and put dollars in your bank account.

In my previous article I began to discuss 5 habits that almost all successful 3% Leaders do on a daily basis. I went through the importance of daily visualization and meditation on your goals. I also laid out a quick process to get really clear on where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish. In this article I will be discussing the next two habits; Income Producing Activities and Personal Development.

Income Producing Activities

This habit may seem a little obvious but it is amazing how many people have difficulty not only establishing but also sticking to it. When I say “Income Producing Activities”, I am not referring to getting your desk and office set up, or shuffling around papers and checking email. What I mean is taking daily, consistent action on the things that will put dollars in your bank account. For those of us in the Online Marketing industry, this means placing ads, generating traffic, and having quality conversations. Conversions are all about numbers. The more ads you place, the more traffic you generate. The more people you reach, the more chance you have for qualified leads and quality conversations and ultimately, the opportunity to change people’s lives.

I know how difficult it can be to get into this groove because it requires you to work. Remember that those who are successful generally got that way because they took the time to do the things that others didn’t. I highly recommend doing what is most important first thing in the morning. This way, it’s done, out of the way, and allows you to move onto other things. We all know how quickly things can change in a day and send you into reactive mode. If you commit to doing the highest leveraging activities first thing, then you have a greater chance of getting them completed.

The fastest way to grow your business is to get really, really good at placing ads. Not all ads are going to convert, not every idea is a good one, but the more consistent and diligent you are, the faster you will close in on what works and start to see the results you are looking for.

Personal Development

What is personal development? It’s exactly what it sounds like, things you do to develop yourself from the inside out, self-growth if you will. If you’re not growing, you’re standing still and Leaders rarely stand still.

The easiest way to take consistent action in this area is to commit to reading an hour a day. What you choose to read is up to you, but the intention here is to find something that will help you grow as a person and also in your business. A commitment to personal growth is essentially a commitment to never stop learning. If this is new to you, you may want to consult your mentor or business coach for a reading list (all the good ones will have a solid reading list). Just remember that Leaders are readers. I would add that acquiring specific knowledge would also fall into this category. Look for training and courses that will enhance your knowledge and skill thus, contributing to your business.

Some topics you may want to consider may be copy writing, quality conversation training, specific ad placement techniques and training, leadership, time management etc… The possibilities really are endless. Just pick a topic and stick with it until you feel you grasp it. What’s important is that whatever area you choose to focus on, remember that you MUST implement and apply what you are learning. If all you are doing is reading without integrating it into your life and business, you’re missing the point.

I will point out two very good tips to leverage your time in this area are:

1) Get the books you want to read on audiobook. This way, you can listen while driving, cleaning, bathing the dog, whatever.

2) Use what you are leaning for fresh content. Whether a course, training, or a book you have read, use it. You will always be applying what you are learning through teaching which will really solidify the information.

With some planning, time management, and careful execution of these two habits, you will continue to set yourself up for success. Committing to these activities has the power to change not only your business but also your life.

In the last article in this series, I will be discussing the last of the 5 habit that 3% Leaders do daily; Masterminding with other Leaders and Cultivating the Expectation of Leadership.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Table: An Incredible Musical Table For Your Little One

A good children’s toy should be both entertaining and educational. Nowadays, you can easily find numerous toys created to both entertain and educate your child; one of them is the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table. This toy is produced by LeapFrog, a notable children’s toy manufacturer. It comes with songs and real instrument sounds to stimulate your baby’s hearing. In addition, this product also has many things that your baby can slide, spin, open and close. By switching the pages of the book in the middle of the table, your baby can switch between the Learning Mode and the Music Mode. It is suitable for babies older than 6 months.

The dimensions of the table are 5.5 x 15.4 x 22.9 inches and it weighs about 8.5 pounds. The table legs are adjustable so that your child can play with it while sitting down or standing up. As your baby grows, the adjustable legs also make it easy for your child to play with the musical table. The games and songs are available in two languages: English and Spanish. The dual language option is a great feature to introduce your baby to different languages. This musical table is a toy that is specifically designed to stimulate the sensory, auditory, and motor senses of your child. It features 15 activities and 40 songs to keep your little one busy for hours.

Nowadays, children’s toys are more sophisticated than the ones we had back in our childhood days and LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table is no exception. This musical toy offers numerous features that will both entertain and educate your children. The plastic-molded table is also very sturdy and durable.

With this attractive toy, your baby can get fun 15 activities. The ABC song will be played as your baby spins the maraca. To educate your little one about different colors, let him play with the colored piano. You can also teach your baby to count until ten by moving the trombone’s slides. Then, you can play the 40 songs and melodies to your baby by switching from the Learning Mode to the Music Mode.

There are many things to learn with this musical table. With all of the attractive activities, it helps your baby to exercise his memory and problem-solving skills. This toy requires 3 AA batteries which can be purchased separately. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Table is totally the perfect gift for your precious child. You can purchase this product online and get discounted shipping rate from major online retailers.

Online Home Based Business – 3 Free Ways To Generate More Traffic

If you are new to online business then you must quickly realize that the key to success is traffic-generation, and if you’ve been working for a while without much success then you must start to explore some new techniques for driving more traffic to your online business.

One of the mistakes people make is assuming that paying for traffic is the best way to get results, but in-fact free traffic-generating strategies can work better and will actually continue to work for much longer than paid methods, ultimately bringing you more results for much longer.

Here are three of the most effective free traffic-generating techniques that I use in my own online business:

#1 – Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to drive loads of free traffic to your online business. Simply email blog owners and ask them if they would be interested in having you make regular blog posts on their blog. This is beneficial to both of you because they get free high-quality content and you in-turn get people who will want to check out your own blog.

#2 – Try using YouTube

Creating videos these days is much easier than many people think, so whether you want to put yourself on there or you want to turn some of your content into a powerpoint presentation, you can benefit greatly by making a video and throwing it on YouTube. Even better yet, create your own channel on YouTube and make regular additions, generating a following and growing your business even further, absolutely free!

#3 – Article Marketing

If you know me you know how much I preach about the benefits of using article marketing to grow an online business. Not only is it free and highly effective, but when you get into an article-writing groove you can get a ton of great advertising content out there in very little time. And articles are great ways to pre-sell your target audience, so they are hardworking components of your online business.