How to Get Your Groove on in Your Small Biz in 2012

Have you had the chance to reflect back on 2011? If not, take the time to look back. What did you accomplish and how did you do it? For all of your successes, honor yourself.

Now, where did you stop yourself in your business because you were afraid or you can plug in any other excuses here? This list is going to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls in 2012.

That is my personal prediction. In 2012, the big winners in small business will be the entrepreneurs who are UNSTOPPABLE. We will win BIG if we begin each day with gratitude and then take a deep breath and face our fears by going out and doing the things in business that terrify us. We will help more people, spread our message, and make more money because we will remove each barrier that stands in the way of our success.

And the truth is, WE are what stands in the way of our success: our fears, our playing small, our lack of confidence, our not wanting to be seen and judged, etc. In 2012, we MUST be willing to step forward and do whatever it takes to reach our goals.

If you want to get your 2012 groove on in your business, here is your Action Plan:

1.Make the Decision – You must decide first that you are willing to do whatever it takes (within ethical boundaries) to make your business succeed.

2.Make the Avoidance List – Write down all of the things you have been avoiding in your business. Have you been avoiding getting out there and speaking live? Have you been avoiding sales? Have you been avoiding reaching out to your network to generate more leads? Have you been avoiding networking because you don’t want to start conversations with strangers? Have you been avoiding hiring a mentor because you fear being held accountable? Be honest with yourself.

3. Transform that Avoidance List into an Opportunity List – Where are the opportunities on that list that you have been neglecting? In your mind and heart, shift your perspective on all of those items from negative to positive. They are the keys to moving your business forward.

4. Charge Towards All Those Fears with Fortitude and Faith and You Will Surprise Yourself! – Take each of those items and go out and do them.

I guarantee you if you do this, your business will grow and you will experience a powerful shift in who you are in this world. The Universe will shift to support you and you will find doors opening up for you in ways you never imagined.